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The Language of the Image June 15, 2009

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1. What I learned from the course “The Language of the Image” is that photos can be categorized into three different catagories informational, active, and passive. I knew before hand that pictures were used to express different things, but I did not realize that there were specific types that pictures can fall under. I was aware of the different elements of pictures before hand, but I had never heard of “the rule thirds”, and that most pictures can be divided into visual thirds. I was familiar with the vocabulary but could not recall all the meanings, so the course helped me learn the vocab meanings better.

2. What surprised me about the course was how difficult it was to actually match the vocab word with the picture. It is easy to memorize the meanings but it is hard to actually pick it out in a picture.

3. I want to know more about the different approaches to pictures. I realize that by taking two different shots it can help tell a story. I would just like to know how the photographer decided on the two pictures, what made them pick the pictures they did. I have a hard time deciding which picture would be the best to accompany a story, and what approaches I could use.


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