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How to make a line or curve on InDesign July 13, 2009

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I was absent for this class assignment, so to make up for it I am writing a blog on how to make lines and curves on Adobe InDesign CS4. Here are some step by step instructions. First, open InDesign and click new document and ok. Or if you are doing a certain project change around the options to what you need. When you have a blank document click the line tool in the left side panel which looks like a straight line. At the top there is an option to change the size and  type of line. In the box at the top it will say 0 pt.  change that depending on how thick you want it. Underneath that box is one with a black thick staight line, that is where you change the type of line. Click the down arrow to the side of the box to see the different choices of lines and pick the one you want. After you have the thickness and type  take your curser and drag across, depnding on how short or long you want the line to be. Hold the curser down until you have the length you like. While it is outlined in the blue box, you can change the color which is found in the right side panel. Or you can click swatches and make your own color. If you want to curve your line, click the white arrow in the left side panel (second icon, underneath the black arrow). Click on the line with the white arrow and it will allow you to curve it anyway you like. That is how you make a line or curve on Adobe InDesign CS4!


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