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Typography July 13, 2009

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How do you select a font? Some things to consider are:  make sure that it is readable, it matches the targeted public,  and it needs to visually reinforce the key message. The font needs to be readable in different styles, sizes and column widths. The font also needs to be appropriate for your purpose. You need to consider who is going to be reading it and what exactly you are trying to say. Accorrding to Stragetic Publications Designing for Target Publics, larger fonts are better for older publics, lightweight fonts for women and heavyweight fonts for men. Also, formal fonts should be used to textbooks and specailized shoul be used for advertising or logos. Don’t just limit yourself to classic fonts, if your message can be reinforced by a specialized font then use it.

For business cards smaller fonts are used but need to still be readable. Around a 7-10 point font would be appropriate but the text needs to be more simple and classic, unless it is a logo. For brochures, around 9-14 point is good for body text. For headings the font needs to be 20% larger than the body text. The most important aspect of fonts is that it is legible. Fonts do appear different on screen than in print, so you need to make sure that the type you pick will turn out how you like when printed. Using different sized fonts for certain areas will allow text to stand out. Make sure that the larger text is something you want to be emphasized and draw the reader to.

In class we learned of a good free legal site to download fonts:

This site also has step by step instructions on how to download a font for any computer:


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