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Steps to Designing Logotypes July 14, 2009

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A logo is a reflection of the business. Logos use text or art or both to create a unique symbol for the organization. To begin your logo you must first do research. You need to research the organization and its publics and determine the identity, that way the logo will be appropriate. The second step is requirements, which include distinction, simplicity, and function. The logo needs to be designed to uniquely correspond to the organization, so that it stands out. Also, it can become so distinct that the symbol itself could one day be the representation of the business without the name. It needs to be simple enough to reniforce the key messag. Function is also an important key because it needs to be reproduced easily without loss of detail. Step three is fonts. You need to choose a font that complements your organization. Fonts are better for certain things. Distinctive fonts if readable provide a uique desgin for logos. After the font is selected the next step is picking the size, style, and case of the font. Experiment with different fonts, styles, sizes, and cases so that you have options to choose from. The last step is testing. Pre-test your design and have public members rank the design usng ranking options. This should provide you with options but also narrow your options down. Even if you are satisfied with your initial design, keep playing around with it because you might discover something even better. Your logo should be an appropriate and unique symbol that accurately represents the company or organization.



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