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Social Learning Theory April 2, 2010

Filed under: Senior Seminar — stephrachman21 @ 4:42 pm

One public relations theory is the social learning theory. The social learning theory was created by Jullian B. Rider. It is the theory that behavior is determined by the expected outcome and relationship between cognitive and the environment. People behave by watching others’ actions. I decided to write a post about this theory because I thought it was interesting and very beneficial in determining people’s actions. A tactic that a lot of people use in propaganda is using a celebrity to endorse their product or service. Marketers who do this are showing that they do believe in this theory because they believe that celebrity’s actions will influence their audiences’ actions. Growing up being the middle child in my family with an older and younger sister has led me to see many examples of the social learning theory. When I was younger I watched my older sister dance and sing to Kids on the Block so from watching her behavior I started to copy her in the same way even though I was too young to understand why she liked them so much. Also, having a younger sister I need to always watch my behavior because even as years go by she will always look upon me as an example. I decided to go to Georgia Southern and after hearing my stories of how much I enjoyed the school and seeing my actions of happiness, my little sister followed my actions and decided to go to GSU as well. So in all, I believe that the social learning theory is a theory that needs to be considered whenever planning a PR event or function and can be seen in the PR world as well as outside of it.


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