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PR in Sex & The City April 15, 2010

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The media can be informative but also very deceiving. You are always told not to believe everything you see or here but unfortunately sometimes it is hard not to believe the media. Sex and the City, a popular woman’s show is about the glamorous lives of four women living in New York. Samantha Jones is one of the four woman and stands out as a powerful career woman that lands every man she sees. She owns her own Public Relations Company. Jones hangs out with the best in New York, throws first class parties and attends her fair share of them. She knows all the best hot spots in the city and has a Rolodex overflowing with clients. From this perception of PR, it seems that a career in PR is glamorous, easy, and enjoyable;more like a lifestyle then a career. This is an example of the media being deceiving. Many people see PR as a “Samantha Jones” life when in reality it is not.

From studying public relations I have learned that it is not just about throwing and attending lavish parties, it was about networking and putting on events. I learned that not everything was going to come easy, I have to work our way up the ladder to success and recognition, it just was not going to be handed to us or have it dropped off in our laps. PR is about communicating with the public and the media, not hiding behind a “No comment” statement.

Sex and the City is a show that a lot of women watch, but just because you see it does not make it true.


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