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Kell on Earth and the Diffusion Theory April 16, 2010

Filed under: Senior Seminar — stephrachman21 @ 2:04 pm
Kell on Earth is a reality television show that focuses on Kelly Cutrone and the aspects of her 
Public Relations Firm, People’s Revolution.  In the episode watched, Cutrone and her staff were preparing 
for Fashion Week.  Cutrone dealt with many different clients and obstacles during the show.  

The episode was mostly focused around Fashion Week.  Through the activities of Fashion Week the diffusion 
theory was exemplified.  The ordered steps: awareness, interest, trial, evaluation, and adoption were 
required to make Fashion Week a success.  Through the press, awareness was brought upon the rising event.
Media was targeted to those who were knowledgeable and interested in the fashion industry so that their 
personal interests would bring them to fashion week.  In the trial stage, Cutrone’s firm would 
visualize how the event would run before hand, so that it would run smoothly.  
The evaluation was based upon the critics’ opinions.  Lastly, adoption would take place if people 
purchase her clients products.

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