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Public Relations at Hackers April 21, 2010

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When I had shadowed Erica Sellers, the senior account executive of Statesboro Magazine and the Endzone, she took me to see Amy who is the PR director for Hackers The Clubhouse. Hackers is a place to play golf, put put, and batting cages. They are in the process of making “The Clubhouse” which will be an addition to Hackers and include laser tag, bowling, and restuarants. It is the largest development to Statesboro, GA and will be 42,000 square feet.

When I met with Amy I asked her some questions about what she does for Hackers. She stressed that Excel is an important program to know because you use it a lot for contact lists as well as other lists to stay more organized. Amy is majoring in PR and she said that she was surprised about how much she is at the computer. Amy has been putting together press releases, contact sheets, birthday packages, bowling league calendars, and other events. Also she has to pick out the smaller things such as furniture and advertising.

Amy said that school helped her with a basis of PR but PR is all about experience. She believes the two classes that helped her the most were publications and campaigns. She also says the PR is all about trial and error; you won’t always get it right the first time. Also, Amy says that being in the PR field many clients will think you will know the right answers right away, but you won’t. To know the right answers you need to first listen to your clients and see what they want then that way you can develop whatever is necessary to satisfy your clients’ needs.


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