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Sales & PR April 21, 2010

Filed under: Senior Seminar — stephrachman21 @ 5:14 pm

For my senior seminar class we had to shadow someone in the communication field for four hours. I shadowed Erica Sellers who is the senior account executive for Statesboro Magazine who also does the Georgia Southern Endzone publication. Sellers sells advertising spots, helps design advertisements, resigns clients, meets deadlines, and hand delivers copies of the magazines to clients. Following Sellers around I got to see how sales and public relations really go together. Sellers stressed about getting involved and trust. She says that getting involved will help build relationships with your clients so that they are able to trust you better. You want to make your name the top of your clients mind (TOMA) Top of mind awareness.

Public Relations relates to sales because it is about image building and communication with clients. When you are selling a product or service you want to sell yourself first, just like in PR. You want the image of what your selling and yourself to be positive. PR is incorporated into sales to be successful. Both intertwine so that your image will help make the sale.


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