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Conflict Theory in Airframe May 4, 2010

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Airframe is a novel by Michael Crichton. It is about Casey Singleton, a quality assurance vice-president at Norton Aircraft. Norton Aircraft is a fictional company that makes the parts for planes. Casey has to investigate an in-flight accident aboard a Norton manufactured airliner. The pilot called for an emergency aircraft due to turbulence but the events that occurred from the accident showed that something else happened. Three passengers died and 56 were injured. The plane is an N-22 that has an excellent safety record so the incident was unusual. Also, the pilot was well trained, so the possibilities of human error was unlikely. The only reasoning they could come to was that the accident was due to a technical problem, but that problem had been fixed years ago.

The media found out about the accident and wanted to talk to Casey about the accident. Casey was trying to avoid the press because it would make the company look bad. Finally after many events Casey found a tape recording of the actual flight that proved that the problem was not their fault. She decided not to let anyone know yet and go along with an interview with a TV show, Newslines. Casey had given the tape to Newsline beforehand, but did not let them know it was from her. She gave it to them so that later she could use it against them. During the first interview Casey choked and it seemed like she had ruined Norton’s chances for the sale with China, but she decided to allow Jennifer Malone from Newsline in to a test run, so she could see for herself that the plane was safe. She learned during the interview that they had the tape and were going to try and use it against her. During the break she found out that Bob Richman, her new secretary, was working with John Marder, her boss, to get Casey to ruin Norton’s chances with the Chinese sale because she had no evidence to say the plane was safe. Then Marder and Richman would make a huge sale to Korea and make Marder in charge of the company and Casey fired. Casey turned the negative into a positive, by using the tape as evidence of proof that the man flying the plane was actually the piolet’s son.

The Conflict Resolution Theory is about the steps one takes in order to handle/solve a conflict. The plot of the book was all based around this theory because the whole time they are trying to figure out what went wrong with TransPacific Flight 545 and solve the mystery of what happened. Along the way to trying to figure out what went wrong during the flight, Casey and the Norton company encountered many other conflicts, such as bad press, and had to find solutions to these problems.


Guest Speaker-Kelli Folker May 3, 2010

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Kelli Folker is a representative from Statesboro’s Convention and Visitors Bureau (SCVB). She came to our class to talk about her PR experience and had recently graduated from Georgia Southern University in May 2006 with a major in public relations and a minor in speech communication. For her internship she worked at GSU’s Department of Communication Arts. It was her first experience using Adobe InDesign and she recommended becoming familiar with that program because it helped her get a job. She also said that contacts are very important and from her internship she made contacts that also contributed to her getting a job. Her first job was the marketing director of the Boys and Girls Club of Bulloch County and now she is currently the marketing manager for SCVB.

Folker’s job is to let visitors know where to eat, shop, stay, etc. in Statesboro. The SCVB also is used as a promotion tool for places around Statesboro, such as, Splash in the Boro and the Performing Arts Center. These attractions keep records of the amount of visitors they receive. Good open two way communication is used in Folker’s job because she has to keep in contact with these attractions and their marketers in order to help them gain more visitors. The systems theory is implied in her work area because all the people at the SCVB have to work together in order to gather accurate and interesting information to pass along to visitors. Their goal is to welcome visitors to Statesboro by helping them have a great experience which in all will help the city of Statesboro.

The SCVB also practices public affairs. They have to build and maintain relationships between their company and their public as well as their relationship with other companies. Their goal is the promotion of attractions around Statesboro so they need to maintain a positive connection in order to help them become successful. Folker helps around 150-250 visitors per month who want information about Statesboro which is contributing to the overall growth of the city. The recommendations she left for the class were to learn to use design software, use your contacts, do an internship, and have your professor proofread your resume and cover letter.